Portion Control

Are you making a profit on every portion that you serve? Can you be sure that, at the very least, you’re breaking even?

The cost of food plays a major role in the success or failure of every restaurant. Your signature dish might be astounding but it is not so tasty when you are losing money with every serving.

As a chef, you also have to have a head for business, especially when it comes to the cost of food.

Paying close attention to your food costs and portion control are two of the ways that will help you to price your menu correctly. You will make a profit and you won’t price yourself out of the local market.

One of the main reasons that chain restaurants are so successful is that they have mastered the art of portion control. The chefs in those restaurants know exactly how much of each ingredient to put in every dish. For example, the rump steak may have a portion control of 200g per serving. Therefore, every rump steak that leaves the kitchen will weigh 200g. No more, no less.

That’s portion control.


Cost Control

How much does each item on your menu cost you to make? Without having this information at your fingertips, it is very difficult to decide upon the right selling price for your dishes.

MenuAnalyser will enable you to cost each item on your menu to the last penny thereby ensuring the profitability of every portion that you serve.

The cost of food  is rising relentlessly. Many restaurateurs only cost their menu items when they create a new menu. In between times, they often don’t realise how the rising cost of ingredients is affecting the profitability of their menus. Without this information, it is very difficult to stay ahead of the game.

MenuAnalyser will help you to keep your food costs under control.

MenuAnalyser will calculate your Gross Profit % or Margin % for every dish automatically.

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